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We know it can be a little weird or even awkward visiting a church for the first time. Whether you have been a lifelong church-goer, or if this is your first time in any church at all, we hope that you will feel at ease and welcome here.

Here’s what to expect on your first visit to Minooka UMC:

  • A friendly, casual environment filled with people who are excited to see you. No specific attire is expected or required, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  • Most people begin to arrive 10-15 minutes before service begins. During this time you are invited to connect with others over coffee, tea, water, and light snacks.
  • We offer both TV screens and printed bulletins, both with the full order of worship and song lyrics so you can easily follow along.
  • Within the sanctuary (worship space) we have a dedicated space for children with quiet activities, books, and art supplies.
  • On the first Sunday of each month, we offer Communion as part of our worship experience. All are welcome to participate in the sacrament, regardless of age, background or belief.
  • After service, many people choose to stay and visit with friends. For children, we offer a 20-30 minute Sunday School lesson.
DSC06891 MUMC NEW BUILDING 9-24-2023

Service Time and Location

Our weekly service is held on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. Service is also live-streamed on our website and Facebook page.

Our new church is located at 1210 S. Ridge Road in Minooka.

Online maps are still being updated with our brand-new address, so your GPS may take you slightly off-course. Our church is on the east side of Ridge Road, south of Prairie Ridge Drive and north of Misty Creek drive (in-between the Lakewood Trails and Prairie Ridge subdivisions). Look for us next to the Minooka water tower!

What Does a Typical Service Look Like?

  • Gathering time and music while people find a seat
  • A welcome message from Pastor Dave
  • A call-and-response prayer
  • Singing of hymns, both traditional and contemporary
  • Conversation with Children, an age-appropriate message led by Pastor Dave or the Sunday School Director
  • Time for quiet reflection
  • Reading from the Bible
  • A relevant sermon from Pastor Dave
  • More singing!
  • Ushers collect offerings from those who would like to donate to the church
  • A closing prayer and hymn
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