The Skeptic's Circle

Deeper Faith Through Dialogue

Question Everything.

In a world where questions about faith and the meaning of life can sometimes feel overwhelming, The Skeptic's Circle offers a welcoming space for open, honest conversation. Religion can bring up complex emotions, doubts, and ideas you might have been taught not to question. Here, we embrace questions and doubt. Our aim is to explore the big questions of life and faith, providing an environment where deconstruction and doubts are not only accepted but encouraged.

At The Skeptic's Circle, you'll find a community of individuals from all walks of life, coming together to share their perspectives in a non-judgmental and open-minded atmosphere. Whether you're searching for answers, grappling with doubts, or simply seeking meaningful conversation, you'll find a place here.

Our gatherings are designed to inspire conversation, connection, and friendship and everyone is welcome. How you participate is up to you: Feel free to speak your mind or simply listen. If you enjoy your time with us, we'd love to see you again. But if not, there's no obligation to return.

So, bring your friends, grab a coffee, and join us for an evening of great conversation, deep reflection, and genuine connection at The Skeptic's Circle. Join us monthly on the fourth Wednesday from 6:30 to 8 PM at the Starbucks located at Route 6 and Yellow Pine Drive in Channahon.

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