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Sunday, March 3rd 9:30AM: Bulletin

Sunday, February 25th 11:30AM: Bulletin

Sunday, February 18th 11:30AM: Bulletin

Sunday, February 11th 11:30AM: Bulletin

Sunday, February 4th 9AM: Bulletin


Sunday, March 3rd: Announcement

Sunday, February 25th: Announcement

Sunday, February 18th: Announcement

Sunday, February 11th: Announcement

Sunday, February 4th: Announcement

Bible Study

Anxious for Nothing

Session 6: The Relationship Question

Session 5: The Maturity Question

Session 4: The Conscience Question

Session 3: The Legacy Question

Mustard Seed

July 2023: Mustard Seed

Pastor June Mustard Seed Article

June 2023: Mustard Seed

May 2023: Mustard Seed

April 2023: Mustard Seed


Spiritual Gifts Inventory Form

Child Baptism

Wedding Planner

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